Extraterrestrial VS Super 8

In 2011 J.J. Abrams released Super 8, a science fiction film about a group of friends who witness a train crash while trying to shoot a film and realize it was no accident. This then sets their small town into disaster by aliens. Joe is the main character in the movie who grieves about his mothers death and cannot seem to live with his father only. After the train crash, Joe and his friends continue to shoot the movie, but then realize that an alien has been carried out on the train and is now on the loose in the community.

1982’s original alien film by Steven Spielberg called E.T. (Extra Terrestrial) was about an alien who gets left off on earth founded by a little boy named Elliot who befriends him and takes good care of him. Elliot calls the alien E.T. and begins to feel the aliens feelings. Even though the American Force find out about the alien, and are in need of finding him, Elliot still has the courage to help the extraterrestrial return to his home planet.

Some may say that there are obviously a lot of similarities between the two movies since they’re both films about aliens but I personally don’t think these two movies even compare. I personally enjoyed E.T. a lot more than Super 8 because I felt that Super 8 had a lot of meaningless events like the random making of a movie that ultimately didn’t have a conclusion. In E.T. however, the plot carries out very smoothly with an unexpected ending. Although in Super 8 there was some humour involved, E.T. successfully used the alien to portray the comedy in the film. In E.T., Spielberg had one main focus which was the alien and no other distractions while in Super 8 I felt that there were too many minor problems like romance, filming a movie and a boy who grieves about the death of his mother. All these minor problems take away from the main problem which is that there is an alien in the community. Lastly, I liked how in E.T., the alien was able to speak some English words and communicate with others which added to the connection that developed between the audience and the alien, E.T.

In conclusion, overall I enjoyed the filming of E.T. by Steven Spielberg a lot more than the modernized edition called Super 8 by J.J. Abrams.

Super 8: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1650062/
The Extra-Terrestrial: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0083866/


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