This website is very informative, educational and interesting, filled with videos of talks by remarkable and intelligent people. It is one of my favourite websites because it has meaningful concepts and “Ideas worth spreading”. It is filled with videos and talks with the topics of technology, entertainment, design, business, science and global issues. These videos can be characterized in groups like newest releases, most viewed, most emailed this week, most comments this week, most popular this month, rated jaw-dropping and other topics like persuasive, courageous, ingenious, fascinating, inspiring, beautiful, funny and informative. This website has taught me many interesting facts and smart ideas in the past and is surely going to teach me much more about all kinds of topics in the future.

One of my favourite talks:

A virtual dictionary that teaches you new facts and uncommon and complex words everyday. This website is one of my favourites because not only is it a dictionary, but it includes links to a thesaurus, references, quotes, a translator and word dynamo. It also includes a daily “Word of the Day” with different and uncommon words that educate every user more and more on a daily basis. You are also able to connect this website to your mobile phone and create an account which will allow you to:

  • Save your favorite words
    in customized lists
  • Share your words with your friends
  • Enjoy unlimited access to games and Word Lists on Word Dynamo

Not only is this website educational, but it is also fun since it includes games like word puzzles and daily crosswords. This remarkable website has many more features than any other ordinary dictionary book which increases its necessity in our daily lives.

Featured game called “Adlib”:

A place where over a million users become virtual journalists, this website enables everyone to provide their own opinion where millions of others will listen. Twitter helps users spread news within seconds and has the capability to spread world-wide issues faster than our local televised news. “Trending Topics” on twitter are the main reason why twitter can spread news faster than any other source. This feature takes the most recent and talked about topics on the website and provides them in a list where other people can share and talk about as well. By creating a free account, you are ultimately able to receive the most recent updates or “follow” the people, organizations and celebrities you care about. You are also able to provide a display picture, your own background and write about yourself in your own twitter page. Users are limited to 140 characters/words when “Composing a Tweet” or writing about whatever they wish, which forces them to condense their opinions and summarize their thoughts in a well-rounded and descriptive tweet. Users may also “Favourite” tweets which are then placed in an organized list of all their favourite tweets. Twitter is today’s most important news source to many age groups world-wide, making it an important way of communicating with others.

My favourite Twitter pages:


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