These are the type of movies I rush to the store to purchase the day they come out on DVD. They are the type of movies I will definitely stop flipping the channel for even if I own them. Ladies and gentlemen, in no particular order, here are my ultimate top 5 motion pictures:

1) “Wicker Park”- This movie is one of my all time favourites. It’s a romantic love story which has many ups and downs. It’s very suspenseful and keeps the audience at the edge of their seats. Rose Byrne plays the role of a desperate female who is aching to be loved, and in doing an incredible job, she became one of my favourite actresses. This dramatic, romantic and mysterious love story teaches the audience to think twice before trusting a stranger. It also teaches the audience to never stop searching for their one true love.


2) “WALL-E”- This movie has to be the most inspiring movie I have ever seen! I love it so much because of the meaningful message it portrayed, which is that every individual, no matter how small, has the capability to make a big change. “WALL-E” is an adorable, humorous and an inspiring film, which are all the elements needed to make the perfect movie. Not to mention the creativity in the story line and in the element of fantasy in the plot that most intrigued me.


3) “Identity”- This movie is the definition of suspense. I loved the thrill, and the element of horror it successfully portrayed. John Cusack, who is a classic favourite actor of mine, plays a major role in the film which made the movie even better. Many celebrities cast in this film at a very young age, like Amanda Peet, which helped their talent stand out immensely. Due to this movie’s mysterious plot, the audience became even more interested.


4) “Despicable Me”- It may seem like I love horrifying films full of suspense, but I definitely love a good laugh! “Despicable Me” is hands down my favourite comedy because there wasn’t a scene that didn’t put at least a smile on my face. I loved everything about it, the Minions, the 3 orphan girls, and even the criminal mastermind, Gru. It was so adorable, touching and absolutely hilarious. Steve Carell is a favourite actor of mine who plays a major role in this movie, and he is the main reason why this film is incredibly exhilarating. Steve Carell gave Gru an original character with an accent that has never been heard before. I loved this movie so much because it proved that even super villains have a soft spot in their hearts.

The Sequel:

5) “Crash”- Last, but certainly not least, “Crash” is an incredible sad story that portrays a plot about injustice and the loss of redemption. The plot was able to bring together different characters in the movie that were involved in something much bigger than expected. These citizens all “Crash” and collide together in interweaving sad stories. This twist in the film was very fascinating, which drew the audience in. Sandra Bullock, a favourite actress of mine, played an incredible role in the film, which attracted me to the movie even more.


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