Documentaries; Non-fiction, or Fantasy?

By: Safaa Alnabelseya

Documentary films are a re-creation of a non-fictional event, or life story that includes NO fictional content. People are so drawn into watching documentaries because they show an aspect of reality for the purpose of maintaining a historical record. Documentaries have the capability of changing the world, what we believe in, and the way we view people’s actions around us. But is that to our advantage? Does it really help the way we perceive the world around us and the daily issues we encounter? These diversions of reality can also effortlessly manipulate the truth and persuade the audience into believing the twisted truth. Even though documentaries are meant to be completely non-fictional, and filled with true events, they are most of the time a manipulation of reality; leading to nothing but brainwashed viewers. The art in documentary film making has been forgotten by most of today’s film makers, where an opinion is pointed out by exploiting the process of film making. Most documentaries nowadays are based on opinion, rather than on true events. Many viewers have been victimized into believing manipulations of the real story, and into what is being heard and seen in documentaries. I myself was also a victim of getting persuaded into twisted truths in documentaries. Since documentaries are a re-enactment of non-fictional events, why is it that viewers become so interested? If have they have the ability to form their own opinions and to voice what they truly believe about the truth, why is it that they go to documentaries when they require reassurance in their motives and beliefs?

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