“Stand By Me” Will have you Standing on your feet!

By Safaa Alnabelseya, A.K.A “The Teens’ Voice”

Everyone remembers their childhood best buddies, and all their adventures. All the times spent together playing outside in parks, or with a Barbie or toy cars. Watching “Stand By Me” directed by Rob Reiner and screen played by Steven King showed me a whole different view of friendship, intimacy, grief and bravery. Reiner brings back Steven Kings short story, “The Body”, in a visual component, symbolizing the massive affect someone can have in your life.

Set in the small town of Castle Rock, Oregon, in September 1959, 4 young teenagers go out on an adventure to find the missing body of a local teenager. Geordie (Wil Wheaton), a quiet and young writer who is unable to grasp his brothers’ death, is neglected by his parents. Geordie and his three friends, Chris (River Phoenix), Teddy (Corey Feldman), and Vern (Jerry O’Connell), travel the woods for two days, going through many obstacles. They smoke cigarettes, sit around in fires, tell dirty jokes and shoot pellet guns, wanting to become the local heroes who discovered a dead body.

Geordie, the misunderstood and juvenile child, is perfected by the actor Wil Wheaton, who is now a successful writer. I think he did a very good job, because he played the role of a courageous, smart and mature character. Chris Chambers, played by River Phoenix, is a rebellious, brave and somewhat of a sensitive character, due to everything he had experienced in his life. Phoenix does an amazing job as a tough young teenager, doing anything to protect his friends. Vern, played by Jerry O’Connell, is acted as a vulnerable, and cautious character. Vern is less brave than the rest of his friends, and thinks more effectively about the consequences of his actions. He, as well, had great effect on the story, and is played very well. On the other hand, Teddy, who is played by Corey Feldman, was not played as affective as the other characters. Teddy was trying to play a strong and heroic character, which was not achieved competently.

The movie “Stand by Me” contained many well played scenes by the 4 main characters. One of my favourite scenes was when Teddy felt the need to show himself and his friends that he is able to “dodge the train”, in other words, jump off the train tracks just as the train is about to hit him. I thought it was a very stupid thing to do, which is going to throw off the real purpose of their adventure, to find the dead body. It was my favourite scene because Chris saves his life, by grabbing him and taking him off the tracks, just as the train was about to hit them. It brought so much intensity to the film and excitement to the viewers. I also enjoyed the scene of when the 4 boys were sitting around the fire at night while Geordie told them one of his original stories.

There are many morals and lessons in the movie “Stand by Me”. The movie taught me that we all have memories that we cannot surrender which have the capability of changing our lives completely, and our future. It also taught me how much of a difference one individual can have in your life. For example, Dennis, Geordie’s brother, always motivated Geordie and that helped him become a wise grownup. When others watch this movie, their past childhood memories begin to circulate, the memories not always complete and sometimes out of order. This movie helps individuals remember the reasons of why people come in and out of your life on a daily basis.

The rating of this movie is R, which scares off most of the younger population. Since there is a lot of swearing in this film, I think it has an appropriate rating. Comparing the movie “Stand by Me” with today’s films is unacceptable. “Stand by Me” portrays a much more powerful meaning than the overrated, mainstream films of today. I definitely think everyone 16 and older must watch this film, for it will revive all past childhood memories.

4.5 out of 5 Stars

Safaa Alnabelseya is a young, independent film critic, living in Canada. At the age of 16, she is studying a media course in Brookfield High school.  In the beginning steps of striving to become a photographer, she is learning about modern photography, modern media and film. You can see her past photographs in the following link: www.escapetosafography.tumblr.com and read her past film reviews in the following link: www.inevitablemedia.wordpress.com


One thought on ““Stand By Me” Will have you Standing on your feet!

  1. Love the review title and love the star rating image. Your bio at the end is also great. You followed the outline given in class and wrote a great review. Just be sure to really proofread to catch any little errors that you may overlook when first typing your posts. Great job overall.

    Mrs. Awwad

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