Advocating Postive Use of Social Media

The Internet is for the people, by the people. The internet is filled with people conversing and sharing ideas, communicating, debating and spreading information. Nowadays, by using technology, people create the media and have the capability of transmitting anything within seconds through social contact. Social media is always looked at as a negative way of interacting. It may be overused at times, promoting cyber bullying, and used inappropriately, but it could be used as a positive way of connecting with others. Using social media in school can be helpful in many ways. If it’s used right, it can promote the schools, and the students learning in a positive way. In a classroom, students can use social media to interact with each other outside of school to discuss homework, upcoming tests, exams or projects. Questions can be answered and will limit the confusion of students if the teachers are involved also to help the students. “Tweets” can be sent on Twitter to students for reminders about tests or assignments. “Pages” can be created on Facebook to promote a specific course where students interact and ask questions about a specific topic or issue. YouTube can be used for teachers to post videos of their lessons for students who missed that day of the course. can be very helpful for visual learners to see pictures of graphs, answering techniques, or images linked to the course posted by their teachers. Social media can also be used in the interaction of the school as a whole. It can be used to set reminders towards school events, spirit days and important dates for both staff members and the student population. Staff members of schools play a big part in this, because their teaching techniques can affect their student’s way of learning. If staff members promote social media among their students, interaction of class members will increase. Since in our generation now, every teenager is linked to social media, it would not be hard at all for staff members to use this as an advantage in their teaching techniques.



2 thoughts on “Advocating Postive Use of Social Media

  1. Very good Safaa! I really like to idea of video tapping lessons and posting to youtube for anyone who missed class…but would that create more of a temptation for students to skip since they could just get the lesson from youtube? That would be something to consider. I also like the idea of tweeting reminders about tests and assignments.

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